Administrations Condominium

The agency is also responsible for condominium administrations. The years spent in contact with the problems present in condominium and especially with people living in, helped us to form our professionalism and our experience in the field of administrators.

The main objective is to offer a service even more effective, flexible, professional and socially close to individual needs.

Aspiring to do the best, over the years we were able to select a team of reliable professionals in the fields of taxation, legal and administrative, as well as the firms operating in the construction and maintenance of (electricians, smiths, plumbers, etc..), which allow us daily to arise in time for the resolution of every need. We deal with the work personally with care to ensure a successful outcome.

We are Associated with Confedilizia and enrolled in the National Registry administrators Estate Confedilizia to the number 2771.

The holder Fadini Walter is willing to make free estimates for the administration of buildings.

Contact us without hesitation and personally evaluated our kindness, helpfulness and reliability.


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